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Osteopathic Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

Doctors of Osteopathic Medicine, or DOs, are fully licensed physicians who are trained in a whole-person approach to treatment and care. DOs receive special training in the musculoskeletal system, your body’s interconnected system of nerves, muscles and bones. DOs believe there’s more to good health than the absence of pain or disease and focus on a deeper understanding of lifestyle and environmental factors, rather than just treating symptoms, to promote the body’s natural tendency toward health and self-healing.

A physiatrist is a medical doctor who specializes in physical medicine and rehabilitation (PM&R). Physiatrists treat a wide range of injuries and physical impairments including musculoskeletal conditions (neck and back pain, arthritis, sprains), chronic pain conditions (fibromyalgia, CRPS) and neurological conditions (neuropathy, stroke, spasticity).

As a leader of a multidisciplinary team, the physiatrist creates a patient focused treatment plan that may include therapy, interventions (ex injections, energy modalities, manipulations) along with diet and lifestyle changes to improve the patient’s symptoms, function and quality of life.  

The physiatrist may utilize high-tech diagnostic modalities such as musculoskeletal ultrasound, electrodiagnostic nerve studies (EMGs), X-rays and MRI to help identify pathology. He may then add to the treatment plan interventions such as osteopathic adjustments, injections, laser therapy, taping bracing and other to help with pain and tissue and healing.