Non-Surgical Shoulder Pain Treatment

What Causes Shoulder Pain?

Shoulder injuries are common, often leading to chronic pain and limitations of function. The shoulder is a complex joint with many moving parts that allow for great range of motion. Unfortunately, this makes it less stable and vulnerable to injury. The shoulder joint is stabilized by the rotator cuff tendons, surrounding ligaments and the labrum.  The alignment and movement of the neck, upper back and shoulder blade also play a role in its function. When any of these structures “misbehave”, the shoulder can get in trouble. The rotator cuff tendons can become overstressed and inflamed, which can lead to tendonitis or tears. The supporting ligaments can become overstretched leading to joint instability. This leads to pain, weakness and limited range of motion. If not properly treated, cartilage becomes degenerated leading to shoulder arthritis with chronic pain and stiffness. 

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Common Shoulder Conditions We Treat:

Estero Shoulder Pain Consult
  • Rotator cuff tendonitis or tear
  • Impingement and subacromial bursitis
  • Biceps tendonitis
  • Labral tear
  • Shoulder Arthritis
  • AC joint arthritis
  • Frozen shoulder (adhesive capsulitis)

Symptoms and Diagnosis

Shoulder pain is often present at night or with overhead activities. The pain can be experienced in the shoulder and down the arm and is often accompanied by stiffness and weakness of the joint. Many patients develop neck pain and upper back pain as their body compensates for a bad shoulder. 

Evaluation of the shoulder involves a good history and physical exam by a shoulder specialist. Attention must be paid to the mechanics of the joint and shoulder blade. Advanced imaging such as ultrasound and MRI may be necessary to identify some of the pathology. 

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Non-Surgical Treatment for Shoulder Pain

In order to treat shoulder pain and instability, all the supporting ligaments, tendons and muscles must be strengthened. Our Integrative Advantage is a comprehensive treatment plan for the shoulder, our approach addresses all the contributing factors for shoulder pain and provides the best outcomes:

  • Regenerative Medicine Injections (Prolotherapy, Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP), and Bone Marrow Stem Cells) used to stimulate healing and stability of the supporting structures (rotator cuff tendons, ligaments), shoulder joint cartilage and the labrum
  • Physical Therapy to strengthen and re-educate the muscles and ligaments and to improve shoulder range of motion
  • Anti-inflammatory Diet with adequate nutrients to support the healing process along with natural anti-inflammatory supplements
  • Energy Modalities such as low level laser and PEMF to further support tissue healing, decrease swelling and improve function
  • Acupuncture to decrease pain and improve shoulder function

Are You a Candidate for Shoulder Pain Therapy in Estero?

Shoulder Rotater Cuff Healed with Platelet Rich Plasma PRP Injections

Our Patients Say...

Annette Gordon

Dr. Sebastian and his staff couldn’t have been more professional or caring. I was in pain for a long time without relief from an orthopedic doctor. From my first visit with Dr.Sebastian I knew I was in good hands. He took the time to explain the issue and his plan for treatment. I am pain free !!! I have and will continue to recommend Dr. Sebastian and his team.

Helen Crim

Dr. Sebastian is the first doctor I have seen - of any kind - that encourages active participation by the patient in all aspects of treatment and discussions.  He is excellent at communicating in a give-and-take manner, truly listening to and making sure he understands my questions.  Also, I was impressed that he reviewed the X-rays/MRI results with me, actually showing me the images and explaining what I was seeing. I strongly recommend Dr. Sebastian!

Sergio S

Sebastian is very caring, knowledgeable, and has a great team of medical assistants working with him. His facility is outstanding and makes you feel you are his only patient, despite his busy schedule. I am happy to have found him, as I fully trust him for any future needs. I highly recommend him and look forward to the treatment results!