Stop Living with Daily Hip Pain

What Causes Hip Pain?

Hip pain is a common condition we see in both mature and young adults. In  younger individuals, a common cause of hip pain is injury to the supporting muscles, tendons and ligaments.  The internal structures such as the hip labrum or cartilage can also get injured. These injuries can happen during sporting activities, motor vehicle accidents or even during simple daily activities. If left untreated, the joint can become unstable and vulnerable to internal degeneration. 

In older individuals, hip pain is commonly caused by hip arthritis, a degenerative condition of the joint. In hip arthritis, the supporting joint ligaments and tendons are loose and weak. This allows for joint weakness and instability that leads to degeneration of the hip cartilage. Bone spurs form around the joint to try to provide some stability. Chronic hip pain from injuries and arthritis can lead to abnormal movement of the spine, pelvis and knee, which can lead to chronic pain in these areas as well. 

Common Hip Conditions We Treat:

Hip Conditions Estero
  • Hip arthritis 
  • Labrum tear and injury 
  • Hip Tendonitis and tendon tears 
  • Hip Bursitis 
  • Hip Instability 

Symptoms and Diagnosis

Pain from the hip joint commonly presents in the groin area during walking and standing activities. Hip joint pain can increase with transitions such as getting into a car or standing up from a seated position. Hip pain from tendons or bursitis is commonly present on the outer hip, and it increases with walking or when laying on that hip. The hip can also refer pain down to the thigh, knee or leg. To properly diagnose the cause of hip pain, a hip specialist will perform a thorough history and physical exam. Often, simple imaging modalities such as X-ray and ultrasound are used for the exam. At times, an MRI may be needed to make the final diagnosis.  

Diagnosing Pain Estero
Pain free walking

Non-Surgical Treatment for Hip Pain

At Integrative Rehab Medicine, we use a team approach to treat all causes of hip pain. Our Integrative Advantage is the most comprehensive non-surgical approach to hip pain. With our Regenerative Medicine, Therapy, Nutrition and other advanced natural therapies, we are able to provide the best results for hip pain sufferers. 

  • Regenerative Medicine Injections (Prolotherapy, Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP), and Bone Marrow Stem Cells) used to stimulate healing and stability of the supporting structures, cartilage and meniscus
  • Physical Therapy to strengthen and re-educate the muscles and ligaments and improve strength and function 
  • Anti-inflammatory Diet with adequate nutrients to support the healing process along with natural anti-inflammatory supplements
  • Energy Modalities such as low level laser and PEMF to further support tissue healing, decrease swelling and improve function
  • Acupuncture to stimulate healing, decrease pain and improve function 

Are You a Candidate for Non-surgical Hip Pain Treatment?

Our Patients Say...

Stephen Cobb

Recently I had iliac artery surgery (PAD) for pain which I have had for several years. I feel better than I have felt in a long time and am able to walk without pain. He and his associates continue to work with me in physical therapy. I would highly recommend this group.

Annette Gordon

Dr. Sebastian and his staff couldn’t have been more professional or caring. I was in pain for a long time without relief from an orthopedic doctor. From my first visit with Dr.Sebastian I knew I was in good hands. He took the time to explain the issue and his plan for treatment. I am pain free !!! I have and will continue to recommend Dr. Sebastian and his team.

John D

Dr. Sebastian is truly one of the most caring, compassionate, and professional doctors I have ever met. I have damage to the cervical spine and he not only treats the physical problems but teaches you how to cope with the pain. He has provided me books to read, shows to watch, and meditation material. I wish all doctors took the time to care the way he does