Treatment for Foot & Ankle Pain in Estero, Florida

What Causes Foot & Ankle Pain?

Injuries and pain of the feet and ankles are common and can significantly limit one’s function. These are strong but mobile joints that take a lot of beating during daily life. 

Sprains of the ankle are common and can occur during sports or regular daily activity. The supporting ligaments get stretched and torn, this can cause chronic pain and potentially unstable joints. If not treated properly, the ligament instability can contribute to the development of ankle arthritis. Tendonitis can develop around the ankle and foot as well. 

In the foot, arthritis of the big toe is common, as this joint gets a lot of stress during upright activities. The foot ligaments and muscles can also get overstretched and weak, causing a drop of the arch. This can cause foot and heel pain. Plantar fasciitis is a painful condition of the heel. 

Non surgical ankle pain treatment

Common Foot & Ankle Conditions We Treat:

Foot Pain in Estero Florida
  • Ankle sprains 
  • Ankle arthritis 
  • Achilles tendonitis 
  • Heel spurs (plantar fasciitis) 
  • Arch pain
  • Foot and toe arthritis
  • Neuropathy 

Symptoms and Diagnosis

Ankle pain from tendonitis, sprains or arthritis typically hurts with activity and improves with rest. Bracing and taping of the ankle typically improves symptoms during activity. Heel pain from plantar fasciitis typically hurts in the morning and after prolonged standing. Pain from foot arthritis typically increases with prolonged standing and upright activities. 

Evaluation of the foot and ankle starts with a good symptom history and a physical exam by a musculoskeletal specialist such as a physiatrist. Ultrasound and X-rays may be used for the diagnosis. At times, advanced testing such as an MRI or a nerve study may be needed for a proper diagnosis. 

Diagnosing Foot Pain in Estero
Estero Foot Pain Specialist

Non-Surgical Treatment for Foot & Ankle Pain

In order to treat foot and ankle pain and dysfunction, all the supporting ligaments, tendons and muscles must be strengthened. Our Integrative Advantage is a comprehensive treatment plan for the foot and ankle,  our approach addresses all the contributing factors and can provide superior outcomes:

  • Regenerative Medicine Injections (Prolotherapy, Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP), and Bone Marrow Stem Cells) used to stimulate healing and stability of the supporting structures and the joint
  • Physical Therapy to strengthen and re-educate the muscles and ligaments and to improve strength and range of motion 
  • Anti-inflammatory Diet with adequate nutrients to support the healing process along with natural anti-inflammatory supplements
  • Energy Modalities such as low level laser and PEMF to further support tissue healing, decrease swelling and improve function
  • Acupuncture to decrease pain and improve shoulder function 

Are You a Candidate for Foot & Ankle Therapy in Estero?

Injured Ankle Healed with PRP

Meg Lain

Dr. Sebastian and his staff truly go above and beyond to identify the root cause of pain and make the patient feel as comfortable as possible. I can’t speak highly enough of the compassion and exceptional care I have received at Integrative Rehab Medicine. I have unusual and varying symptoms due to hypermobility, and Dr. Sebastian uses innovative procedures to help not only manage my pain but also to ultimately rebuild my stability. He is a doctor who truly takes the time to listen to every patient — even those who may have been passed around by other doctors.

Local Guide

Dr. Sebastian Klisiewicz always takes time to really listen to what I have to say concerning my symptoms. He is warm and welcoming. He’s a benevolent and patient-doctor whose holistic approach has been a tremendous benefit for me. Dr. Sebastian has helped me regain mobility and reduce the number of fibromyalgia flares I have. It’s evident to me that he truly cares for his patients.

Annette Gordon

Dr. Sebastian and his staff couldn’t have been more professional or caring. I was in pain for a long time without relief from an orthopedic doctor. From my first visit with Dr.Sebastian I knew I was in good hands. He took the time to explain the issue and his plan for treatment. I am pain free !!! I have and will continue to recommend Dr. Sebastian and his team.