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Stem Cell Injections at Integrative Rehab Medicine

Dr. Sebastian is offering injections of stem cells (concentrated from bone marrow aspirate) into degenerated joints, tendons and ligaments in order to stimulate healing and improvement of function.


Bone Marrow Aspirate Stem Cells

Stem Cells are a type cell line that can stimulate a regeneration of tissue such as tendons, cartilage and bone by orchestrating a healing response and by becoming specialized into worker cells. Stem cells are found throughout our body but are most concentrated in the bone marrow and fat tissue. They can be withdrawn from the tissues, concentrated and used in an injection to heal specific tissues.

Research has shown the the best concentrations of viable stem cells for orthopedic use can be obtained from the posterior pelvic bone (the posterior sacral iliac spine – PSIS). This is done by accurate insertion of a hollow tube known as the trochar into the bone under ultrasound or x-ray guidance after the area has been adequately sterilized and anesthetized.

Stem cell injections

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