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Our Vision

Integrative Rehab Medicine combines traditional western medicine with
lifestyle and complementary therapies to promote relief of symptoms, restore meaningful function and create a state of health and wellness. The integrative approach merges the wisdom of osteopathic, functional and rehabilitation medicine with the use of natural products and high quality evidence based interventions to help patients achieve their functional goals. Interventions such as injections, physical and manual therapy, acupuncture and energy medicine modalities are utilized to decrease pain and stimulate healing while the pillars of lifestyle medicine (nutrition, exercise and mental wellbeing) are incorporated to help create a healing environment within the body, mind and spirit.

Dr. Sebastian Klisiewicz, D.O.

Osteopathic Physician board certified in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (PM&R)

Medical Director


His story began in Poland, with a brief 2 year stop in Italy at age 7 and a move to the US at age 9. During his school years, his interest in the human body and mind brought him to explore martial arts, eastern healing philosophies and meditation. In college, Dr. Sebastian first studied music but his interest in the healing arts drew him to study biology at the University of Illinois in Chicago. He completed his medical studies at the Chicago College of Osteopathic Medicine (CCOM) followed by a residency in PM&R at the Medical College of Wisconsin in Milwaukee. During medical school and residency, Dr. Sebastian studied regenerative medicine and received advanced training in prolotherapy through the Hackett and Hemwall Foundation. After residency, Dr. Sebastian worked as an Assistant Professor for Loyola University Medical Center in Chicago. In 2014, he moved his family to Southwest Florida to further practice and teach the art and science of Integrative Rehabilitation Medicine. During his time in Florida, he further advanced his knowledge in Integrative Medicine through course work with the Institute for Functional Medicine. Since, he has educated doctors and the public on the Integrative approach at numerous medical conferences and community events. In 2019, his journey and future aspirations have cultivated into the creation of Integrative Rehab Medicine.


Dr. Sebastian believes in treating the whole person by helping the patient create a healing environment within their body, mind and surroundings. He integrates Osteopathic Medicine, Rehabilitation Medicine, Functional Medicine and Regenerative Medicine to help patients heal, improve meaningful function, reduce pain and promote general health and wellness. Dr. Sebastian aims at creating a healing partnership with his patients and other healthcare providers within our clinic and the community to help patients improve their health and quality of life.

Dr. Thomas Reid, PT, DPT

Board certified Physical Therapist with a Doctorate Degree in Physical Therapy

Clinic Manager


Tom’s story began in rural Iowa where he was born and raised. The small-town environment helped him to develop a sense of community and the importance of taking care of other people. That desire to help others eventually grew into interests in the health and wellness fields of medicine. His educational journey started with a Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise Sport Science from Iowa State University. He worked in the fitness industry for 3 years developing one on one relationships and improving lives through exercise and motivation. An injury he developed playing sports sparked his interest in rehabilitation. Tom moved to Fort Myers, FL in 2001, and later pursued a Master’s Degree in Physical Therapy at Florida Gulf Coast University. From 2007 to present day, Tom has practiced as a physical therapist in the outpatient setting with a focus on neuromuscular and musculoskeletal conditions. He completed a Doctorate in Physical Therapy, and is nearing a Certificate Degree in Healthcare Quality. Throughout his professional journey, he not only practiced as a physical therapist, but also excelled as a manager of an outpatient rehabilitation clinic and a manager of the Spine Center at Lee Health. His knowledge and experience as a therapist, manager and a leader have proved to be vital for his role as the co-founder of Integrative Rehab Medicine.


Dr. Reid has a leadership philosophy of servanthood. He enjoys creating work environments for staff that are conducive to enjoyable and productive work, giving those he serves the tools to do their jobs effectively. In addition, he maintains his passion in health and wellness and the need to create a healing environment for the patients he treats. He incorporates evidenced-based therapeutic exercise, manual therapy, and neuromuscular rehabilitation into his treatments with a focus on improving function and mobility.

Eunika Klisiewicz, MS, OM

Practitioner of Acupuncture, Oriental Medicine and Nutrition

Operations Manager


Eunika’s story began in Poland where as a little girl she was accustomed to picking fresh fruits and vegetables from the garden and preparing meals from scratch with her family. Her early upbringing sparked a lifelong passion for food and its connection to the body and the environment. At age 15, she moved to the United States where she began her journey into higher education. She received her Bachelor’s in Biology from the University of Illinois in Chicago, then pursued her love of food and wellness by completing a second Bachelors in Nutrition. Her curiosity in wellness and the healing arts cultivated in the completion of a Masters Degree in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine from the Midwest College of Oriental Medicine. Through her journey as a mother, Eunika gained a deeper understanding of the importance of human connection, love and compassion. Her knowledge, creativity and the ability to connect with people now help to create a healing space at Integrative Rehab Medicine.