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At Integrative Rehab Medicine, we offer cutting-edge treatments to address a range of pain conditions. From Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) and Bone Marrow Stem Cells to Prolotherapy and Nerve Hydrodissection, our comprehensive approach focuses on your unique needs for long-lasting relief and improved mobility.

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Our Patients Say

  • John DiGregorio
    Dr. Sebastian is truly one of the most caring, compassionate, and professional doctors I have ever met. I have damage to the cervical spine and he not only treats the physical problems but teaches you how to cope with the pain. He has provided me books to read, shows to watch, and meditation material. I wish all doctors took the time to care the way he does.
  • Anne Catherine Hoffmann
    Dr Klisiewicz is amazing. After years of searching for the right diagnosis for my teenager, one pediatrician neurologist sent her to him. Dr Klisiewicz was the first one to point to the diagnosis : Ehlers Danlos Syndrom (EDS). Now, where no other doctor is helpful, he is the one helping her through exercise, diet, supplements, PRP or prolotherapy and different methods. He listens, is caring and has a huge impact on my teenager daily life, mobility and ability to practice the last sport left for her.
  • Meg Lain
    Dr. Sebastian and his staff truly go above and beyond to identify the root cause of pain and make the patient feel as comfortable as possible. I can’t speak highly enough of the compassion and exceptional care I have received at Integrative Rehab Medicine. I have unusual and varying symptoms due to hypermobility, and Dr. Sebastian uses innovative procedures to help not only manage my pain but also to ultimately rebuild my stability. He is a doctor who truly takes the time to listen to every patient — even those who may have been passed around by other doctors.