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If you are suffering from aching throbbing neck pain, muscle spasms, or spinal headaches this article is for you!

Neck pain is extremely common and is becoming more widespread than ever in our modern society. Approximately half of all individuals will experience a clinically significant episode of neck pain over the course of their lifetime.

Unfortunately, many people, try for years to treat their neck pain and headaches without any long-lasting relief. Much of this is due to treating only the symptoms and not the root cause of the problem.

What causes neck pain

Neck pain can result from poor posture, injuries, stress, and other underlying conditions. Often, a combination of all these factors along with low levels of fitness and a poor diet contribute to chronic neck pain.

One often under-recognized cause of neck pain occurs when the ligaments and tendons of the upper back and neck become overstretched and weak from injuries such as whiplash or falls. This places more stress on the discs and joints of the cervical spine leading to disc degeneration, joint inflammation, and often causes muscle spasms that those dealing with chronic neck pain become all too familiar with. If left untreated, these issues can cause chronic pain, headaches, and stiffness in the back of the neck or at the base of the skull. In some situations, the nerves can get irritated or compressed which further contributes to the pain, but also can result in weakness and numbness down the shoulder into the arms and hands.

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Symptoms and Diagnosis

A thorough history and physical exam is vital for making a proper
Diagnosis. Areas of pain need to be thoroughly evaluated and other factors such as muscle imbalance, ligament instability, motion restrictions, and areas of weakness need to be identified. Lifestyle factors such as work habits, diet and stress level need to be evaluated as well.

Advanced imaging and nerve studies (EMGs) can also be utilized to help with the diagnosis. Non-surgical Treatment of Neck Pain in Southwest FL.

Our Integrative Advantage is the most comprehensive treatment strategy for neck pain in Southwest Florida. We combine multiple modalities that address all the contributing factors to provide the best results. This includes;

Personalized Physical Therapy with the goal of increasing strength, stability, and reeducating the muscles and nervous system. Regenerative Medicine Injections such as Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) and Prolotherapy are used to decrease pain, stimulate healing and to
increase the spinal stability that those suffering from neck pain so often need.

An Anti-inflammatory Diet and certain nutritional supplements can be a game changer for those suffering from chronic neck pain Acupuncture
can be used to rebalance the body, decreasing pain and improving overall health and wellness And we use the most state of the art
Energy Modalities such as low-level laser and PEMF to further decrease symptoms and support the healing process.

If you are tired of dealing with aching neck pain, spinal headaches, cramping and muscle spasms in the neck or upper back be sure to schedule your consultation today! We look forward to helping you on your healing journey.